Hardwood Refinishing Procedure

cropped-cropped-imag03054.jpgIn case you were wondering exactly what is involved or if you are considering DIY refinishing, read below.

  1. Remove any shoe molding if applicable. Tape baseboard with painter’s tape
  2. Seal off the room so that it is almost airtight and place a small fan in a window to achieve inward air flow to the space from the rest of the house. This prevents migration of fine dust and volatile vapors.
  3. Seal all air ducts including return registers.
  4. Use a drum sander with 24-36 grit paper to abrade the field of the room.
  5. If necessary, make abrasion cut lines at acute angles of about 10-20 degrees with respect to the grain. This allows a more aggressive cut in situations where slight unevenness or deep stains are apparent.
  6. Use an aggressive rotary sander carefully in areas where stubborn stains persist.
  7. Sand all of the room edges with 20-50 grit paper using a rotary edging sander.
  8. Complete the final sanding of the field with 80-100 grit paper.
  9. Repeat step 7 with a handheld belt sander in order to remove swirl marks of the rotary sander.
  10. Repeat step 8 but with 80-100 grit paper for a final sanding.
  11. Thoroughly vacuum the area and wipe down with mineral spirits. The floor should be perfectly clean.
  12. If stain is required, apply the stain in smooth strokes being careful to wipe up any excess. Wait 12 hours at least. Stain must cure.
  13. Apply oil-based polyurethane in smooth even strokes always with the grain using a lambs wool applicator.
  14. Floor may be used lightly after 4-6 hours when the polyurethane is dry to the touch and not tacky.
  15. Wait 12-24 hours before reapplying polyurethane.
  16. After 12-24 hours (depends on season and humidity) scuff up floor using fine steel wool (00). This may be done by hand if necessary or with a flat plate orbital sander fitted with screen abrasive sheets or steel wool.
  17. Vacuum floor thoroughly and wipe down with mineral spirits.
  18. Apply second coat of polyurethane as in step 12.
  19. Repeat steps 115-17 to complete the work.

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