Sell or Buy an Old House?

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Do you own or wish to own a piece of American History? Or at least rub shoulders with it? I came across a great website while looking for ways to promote my business. aims to connect the community of sellers, buyers, and agents who have mutual appreciation and curative interests in antique homes –  a vital marketing link in the preservation and protection of historic homes and landmarks across the US. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are a restoration customer of mine or in the market to be one.

Be a true preservation activist –  Just support your local restoration industry. Too often, casual demolition of historically significant properties strips communities of their heritage lot by lot, diminishing real estate value, and leaving no trace of its community’s earliest founding inhabitants, industry, and architecture. When visiting national landmarks, there is nothing more boring or depressing than looking at a blue and gold plaque in placed front of a vacant lot, or nondescript modern apartment block or office building that says: “so-and-so lived, died, or was born here”.

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“Ok..So where is the gift shop?”

Or take Ebbets field in Brooklyn, demolished in the late 50’s to make way for apartments: Surely a creative developer as late as 1960 could have engineered a solution that made use of Ebbets’ original facade when developing the apartment block monstrosity that now straddles its third baseline.

                                    Home (plate) just isn’t what it used to be…

Honey, the pipes froze again… Not so. Curative restoration aside, most restorations of antique homes allow for practical considerations like updated mechanicals, creative window updating, or other retro-fitting solutions that allow for energy efficiency – a major problem for many antique home owners.  And who says an older home can’t be comfortable or even allow for an open floor plan? Everyone has their preferences and curative limits when it comes to the tradeoff of by the book restoration and a home’s use and comfort. HeartWood Restoration and Finish Carpentry is a local home restoration resource in Central Pennsylvania and of course many agents you will find listed in will serve as great resources for obtaining ideas and contractors in your local area.

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